Community Service: Should it be a requirement?

By: Raychelle Pulliam

Community service requires a lot hard work and effort. Many high schools want community service hours to be a requirement for graduation, but other schools think it is not necessary because it causes extra work.

Students should be required to complete community service hours because it teaches students responsibility and helps students realize they should do more to make their community a better place.

While students work for their community service hours they learn responsibility and skills that will follow them to the workforce. According to Claire Koenig, “SSL (Student Service Learning) hour requirement reaches students responsibility. Regardless of the type of activity they decide to pursue students are held responsible for completing  a job to the best of their ability. This sense of  accountability contributes to an overarching feeling of personal responsibility.”

Completing a job that will benefit the environment and will make a student work as hard as they can will make them feel wonderful. Doing the community service hours is very beneficial to students.

Koenig says, “The most beneficial part of the SSL (Student Service Learning) hour requirement is that it gives students experience with group dynamics. When performing community service, students learn to form a cooperative team in order to accomplish their goal. They have to effectively work with members of authority positions as well. When they dedicate time to the community, students make attitudinal and behavioral strides by learning how to be productive members of society. ”

“Yes, community service should be a graduation requirement because it helps make the city and the students better. Doing community service would make me a better person and it would make me want to do good deeds for others,” said Eduardo Gutierrez

Those skills that students learn from community service helps them in the long run when they become workers. Working with people of authority early on teaches the student what it’s like to work under people of authority. That experience will be very beneficial in a workplace.

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