24 Karat Magic Tops the Charts

By: Kennedy Oliver & Shania Burrell

Since 2010 Bruno Mars has been soaring to the top of the charts with hit after hit all from only two albums under his belt. However, he released his his third album late November of last year. The title was based off  his first single, the album 24 Karat Magic, that has been extremely successful. Many are stating this is his best work including myself.

This third album strays a little from his usual sound as he’s known for the pop genre, but ventures into hip-hop/R&B. While 24 karat magic is widely known but the rest of songs are amazing.

This album is living proof of how talented and relevant  Bruno Mars is as an entertainer, not just a singer. The man for such a young age can play several instruments, dance, and sing like an angel. As I was listening, I noticed the influences of his music.

There’s a hint of Boyz II Men, MJ, New Edition, and others that are recognizable to R&B fans. I believe he’s the turn around R&B music needs. As of lately the genre has lost it’s originality, falling victim to today’s gimmicks and schemes. Young artists like Mars are keeping it fresh but bringing back old school.

With this release he’s in midst of his world tour and traveling to city after city and performing and selling out arenas. He’s coming to our very own Save Mart Center in Fresno later this year in November!

So if you’re looking for something to listen to, grab his new album for some good vibes and find some tickets to see him live. It’s worth your money and any amount of karats.



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