Some Favorite Moments from Senior Class

As we begin to descend on the end of the school year, seniors find themselves descending upon the end of their high school career. So it’s important to remember the important lessons taught to us as well as the fun and amazing times we’ve had here. Five different seniors from five different groups spoke of their most memorable moment from high school as well as a valuable lesson they’ve learned.

“Winning Valley freshman year was definitely a memorable moment of my four years and I’ve learned a lot of lessons. My favorite would have to be – don’t be scared to fail to become successful.” – Hector Ruvalcaba (Baseball)

“Don’t be afraid to be who you are, you’re who matters. Something memorable would be that we gained the Bell back my freshman year.” – Miguel Naranjo (Woodshop)

“My most memorable moment was the first day of senior year. I walked onto campus and it was weird because it was my last first day, and thinking ahead to the next year knowing I didn’t know where I was going to be. My lesson is that I really didn’t know myself but through high school I learned a lot about myself and what I was capable of on my own to become successful. ” – Emillia Hamilton (Art)

“A lesson I’ve learned is just to generally be more confident and not doubt what I’m capable of, and my most memorable moment so far has probably been marching my last field show, standing down on the field with all of the seniors that I’ve spent so much time with over the years, tensely waiting to hear our place, but still laughing and having fun. I actually get that felling a lot in band.” – Isaiah Woodard (Band member/ Academic decathlon participant)

“Don’t try carrying the weight of the world, is an important lesson I’ve learned. Probably Mustangs in training would be my favorite because it was something that allowed me to step out of my own world and enjoy people enjoying themselves.” – Jake Koorey (ASB)

Although we all come from different backgrounds, with different personalities and different interests, we all learned lessons and cherished our four years here. High school will definitely be something we students remember for the rest of our lives.












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