Life In Jelly Beans

By: Sarah Wilbur

Life In Jelly Beans

Before reading this blog, please take three minutes out of your life to watch the video link titled “Life In Jelly Beans” above.

I believe as high school students we can relate our “Jelly Bean Life” to our high school career. Our “jelly bean life” is a metaphorical representation of the average lifespan displayed through jellybeans and expressing the amount of time any of our daily activities will add up to actually be. For example, the average lifespan is two 28,835 jellybeans substituting the average 65 years we will spend on earth.

In high school you have a short 720 jellybeans equal to our granted four years.

The jellybean life video further explains how many hours the average person has been sleeping, eating, cleaning, watching TV, and doing other daily activities. In the video it’s only 2740 jellybeans to do miscellaneous activities including texting and biking, hiking, playing the guitar etc… This is relative to the time that we will spend at Tulare Western High School. How many jellybeans are spent doing homework, practicing a sport, playing any sports games, watching TV, preparing for a play, rehearsing for band performance etc.? How many jellybeans to be spending tied up in social media, texting, refreshing our timelines, gossiping, etc.?

More importantly how many jellybeans do you have left?

What are you going to do at that time?

How will you build your legacy between now and the 720 jellybeans that make up your time here at Tulare Western High School?

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