CMEA Performances

CMEA is the California Music Education Association, which means both our Choir and Band members have gone to be rated on their performance as well as their sight reading abilities. Rating in order from lowest to highest are as follows: Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent, Superior.

The Tulare Choir had three different scores: One for the all Female Choir, One for Concert Choir, and an additional for Chamber Choir. The all Female Choir gained a cumulative score of Excellent in the girls first ever CMEA performance.

Concert Choir worked hard earning an Excellent as well. “We worked hard and practiced every day. I know I need to improve my breathing technique to improve next year’s score. Mrs. Bryant prepared us very well for the CMEA judges. She didn’t sugarcoat what we needed to fix so we could actually improve on them.” says sophomore Christian Rodriguez.

Chamber choir broke the chain by earning a Superior grade in their music. Catalina Martinez was very happy with Chamber Choir’s score,” We had great judges who judged very fairly. Their critiques will help us improve on our weaknesses and keep our Superior again next year.”

Western’s band also performed for a set of CMEA judges. They were scored in two categories, sight reading and overall performance skills. They were very proud to take home an Excellent in performance and a Superior in sight reading.

Emily Gochicoa talked to me about her first ever CMEA performance with Western’s band. She spoke highly of her fellow band members as well as her band director, “He (their band director) made sure we were very well prepared to take on what the judges had for us. We all have our issues and when we improve individually, we can improve as a band. Alvidrez taught me and helped me improve a lot. He showed me a new path by showing me that music is a huge part of my life and means a lot to me. Next year, we’ll definitely be better. This year alone we jumped from last place to third. We’ve definitely shown the judges this year that we mean business.”

Senior Abraham Lopez says, “I’m proud of what we did, thanks to Alvidrez’s MANY motivational speeches, we received good scores, but I KNOW next year we’ll improve even more.”

Congratulations Music programs. You’re making Western proud. Keep up the amazing work.










By: Amanda Ross


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