Top 15 90’s R&B Hits

All you lovers of R&B know that the best era for this genre of music was the 90’s. The 90’s was filled with hit after hit and artists who dominated the decade as a whole. So here’s our list:

  1. Are you that Somebody- Aaliyah.  Everyone knows that you can’t have a list of the 90’s R&B hits without Aaliyah. Known as the Princess of R&B she was a rare talent that the world lost too soon.
  2. Killing me softly with his song-Fugees   This song was originally sung by Roberta Flack but the Fugees covered it in their 1996 album which soared to the top of the charts. They were known for their cool hip-hop sound but still maintaining the essence of soul within their music.

      3. Every time I closed my eyes-Babyface   Babyface is one of the most famous artists to both sing and collaborate with. His songs are timeless and this one is ballad that sends you into your feels. His soft as silk voice is perfect for this heart-warming melody.

       4. Unbreak my heart-Toni Braxton   It wasn’t the 90’s without Miss Toni Braxton! Her deep soulful voice struck cords in the industry by singing this song about the loss of love. Which led to her Grammy win in 1997.

       5. They Don’t know-Jon B   His biggest hit ever was this classic slow jam. Making a name for himself in predominately African-american music platform he’s definitely recognized as one of the best.

        6. End of the Road – Boyz ll Men  Released in 1992, this song as achieved and reached success, breaking the record of #1 on Billboard Hot 100. This song reaches to all the men who have  been cheated on.

 7. Back to One – Brian McKnight

“Back to One” went on to be one of Mcknight’s biggest successes, reaching it to the top ten in New Zealand, Canada, and the U.S, where it eventually peaked at number 2 weeks behind, “Smooth ” by Santana.

8. All My Life – Kc & JoJo

Nominated for best R&B Vocal Performance & Best R&B Hip-Hop song, “All My Life” was the the biggest hit in the 90’s, released on March 17, 1998.

      9. Let’s Get Married – Jagged Edge

Probably one of my favorites song, the song is a slow, love ballad about a man’s desire to get married to his love interest. This song was released on February, 2000, reaching #11 on the Top U.S Music Charts.

10. Bills, Bills, Bills – Destiny’s Child

You definitively can’t go wrong with some Destiny’s Child. “Bills, Bills, Bills” was released on June 14, 1999.  This song provided the quartet with their first chart-topper on both the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

     11. Poison – Bell Biv Devoe

“Poison” released on February 24,1990. This was the  group’s most successful, and sings of the dangers of falling in love. “Poison” was the first single taken from Bell Biv DeVoe’s

12. My Boo – Ghost Town Dj’s 

Released by the Atlanta-based hip hop group Ghost Town, on Jermaine label. The song, an invite by a female to a male, blends R&B-style vocals over a hip hop beat. It was written by Carlton Mahone.

      13. Emotions -Mariah Carey

Emotions” became Carey’s fifth consecutive number 1 hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, giving her the distinction of being the first and to date only act to have their first five singles make number 1 on the Hot 100.

    14.  Just a Friend – Biz Markie

It was released in September 1989 as the lead single from his album, The Biz never sleeps. This song was ranked at number 81 on the Billboard Hot 100.

     15. Weak – SWV

Weak” was released as the third single from SWV’s album, following the top-ten success of “I’m So Into You”. It sold over one million copies domestically and was awarded a platinum certification from the Recording Industry.

These are only 15 out of this decades names we wished to mentioned but this list would’ve been pages long. This is our favorite hits, what’s yours?

By Livia, Ashleigh, and Kennedy.

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