My Twenty One Pilots Experience

By Cindy Pasillas

February 14th, 2017-one of the best days of my entire existence. No, not because it was Valentine’s Day but because I got to see my favorite music duo, Twenty One Pilots, live. It was an incredible, emotional, and exhausting day but incredible nonetheless.

I’d been anticipating this day for about a year so. When the day finally came, I was feeling about a hundred different emotions. I also got to experience all of this with my best friend which made the experience even better.

I did most of my planning the night before. I picked out an outfit and made sure to pack a bag with everything I’d need. Since I knew I’d be sitting in a line all day I made sure to pack some snacks such as granola bars, crackers, and tons of water.

I also wanted to be as comfortable as possible because there is no worse feeling than being uncomfortable and not being able to enjoy the show. My outfit of choice was jeans, a tee shirt, a flannel (in case I got cold), and some converses. I kept my makeup at a minimal, taking into consideration I’d probably sweat it all off. The Save Mart Center allows small backpacks so I did take one with the things I felt were appropriate. Two water bottles, snacks, 2 portable chargers, deodorant, money, and the tickets of course. I packed lightly since I did have to carry my bag all day.

Upon arrival, we were informed that about 30 to 40 people had camped out all night so they’d be let in before anyone else. Which was really annoying because it’s against the rules to camp out but oh well it’s life. We got there at around 9 AM and weren’t let in until around 5:30 PM so there was a ton of waiting involved.

We made a few friends so that was nice but it felt like we were out there for years. There were a few lovely girls that passed out water, candy and valentines to everyone in the line which made everyone really happy. Making friends in life is wonderful because then you have someone to talk to and if they’re nice they’ll save your spot in line for bathroom breaks.

After waiting for about 8 hours, we were let in. We had to go through security and get our bags checked first of course. I was exhausted after sitting in a line all day but the fact that I was about to see Twenty One Pilots live made my weariness fade away.

When we got inside we rushed into the general admission pit because we wanted to get the best view possible. We ended up being really close to the stage on the far right side and there were only two people who stood in front of us so we had a pretty decent view. Also the people around us were all so nice which was a plus because sometimes you encounter some really rude people at concerts.

The show didn’t start until around 7 so there was more waiting. Concerts involve a lot of waiting in case you haven’t noticed.

The the first opening act was a band called Judah & the Lion and I wasn’t really familiar with their music but they had such a unique sound and great energy. Their music was easy to dance to and they interacted with the crowd which is always nice.

Judah & the Lion is a band from Nashville Tennessee they combine elements of folk, blue grass, rock, and alternative, and hip hop sounds to make their music. They played around 4 songs and even did a cover on one of my favorite songs of all time that song being Mr. Brightside by The Killers.

Their set was really nice and I’ve been listening to their music since the show. They’re a really interesting band with a super unique sound so I’d definitely suggest giving them a listen.

The second opening was Jon Bellion. He’s a singer, songwriter, and rapper so he also mixes elements of hip hop, R&B, indie rock, and pop into his music. My friend Leslie was really excited to see Jon considering she was a fan prior to seeing him live. I’d heard his song All Time Low on the radio a few times but never really bothered looking into his music.

By the end of his set I fell in love with his energy and the unique beats he uses within his songs. He also played around 4 songs, All Time Low being one of the songs he played. The crowed loved him and even though I was being pushed during his set and was slightly irritated I enjoy his music none the less.

After Judah & the Lions and Jon Bellion performed we waited for a little bit over an hour before Twenty One Pilots actually came on. It was probably the longest wait of my entire existence.

I knew the set list prior to attending the show so i made a playlist of all the songs they’d be performing the night of the show. The set list is the following:

  1. Heavydirtysoul
  2. Migraine
  3. Hometown
  4. Message Man / Polarize
  5. Heathens
  6. We Don’t Believe What’s On TV
  7. Screen / The Judge
  8. Lane Boy
  9. Ode To Sleep
  10. Addict With A Pen
  11. Cancer (My Chemical Romance Cover)
  12. Holding Onto You
  13. Tubthumping (Cumbawamba Cover)
  14. No Diggity (Blackstreet Cover)
  15. Where Is The Love (The Black Eyed Peas Cover)
  16. Jump Around (House of Pain Cover)
  17. Ride
  18. Stressed Out
  19. Guns For Hands
  20. Tear In My Heart
  21. Car Radio
  22.  Goner
  23.  Trees

Twenty One Pilots are a band from Columbus Ohio that make alternative hip hop, electropop, indie rock, rock music. They have very deep meaningful lyrical content and sing about various touchy subjects such as self harm, suicide, and mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

One of the reasons as to why I love them so much is because their lyrics are directed towards people with depression, anxiety, or other mental illnesses. Through their lyrical content they let people know that no matter what their situation is everything can get better. Everyone can conquer their demons.

Once they came on everyone went crazy of course. People started to push their way to the front but that didn’t really bother me too much I stayed in pretty much the exact same spot the entire night and got a clear view of everything.

Now let me tell you Twenty One Pilots aren’t just a band they’re entertainers. There are only two people on stage Tyler Joseph the vocalist and Josh Dun the drummer but they’re so many elements to their show they’re wonderful performers.

They definitely don’t disappoint and they’re so good at interacting with their crowds which only makes the experience better.

As soon as they came out the crowd obviously erupted into cheers. The atmosphere was unbelieve and they began the show with one of the more upbeat songs from their discography. Heavydirtysoul is such an easy song to sing to and it was definitely the right song to set the mood.

Here are a few videos from the show! Just a warning there’s tons of screaming, flashing lights, and moving. They aren’t the best of videos but I did what I could!

When I say Twenty One Pilots are performers I mean it. Within the first ten minutes of the show Tyler managed to make it up to the top of the Save Mart Center to finish performing one of their songs. It was so unexpected, it took everyone by surprise. I’m still trying to figure our how he got up there so quickly. It literally happened within seconds.

This is probably my favorite of all the videos because Tyler wished us a happy Valentine’s Day and it was just the cutest thing ever. I will never recover from that. They also start with bits from their song House Of Gold which is one of my all time favorite songs, then they concluded with We Don’t Believe What’s On TV which is another one of my favorites.

This video is probably the one that has most sentimental value to me. It’s a cover of Cancer by another band that means the world to me called My Chemical Romance. The song is pretty self explanatory it’s about a person that’s dying of cancer and they’re pretty much talking about how the hardest part of dealing with the sickness is knowing they’ll die and leave their loved one. That song holds a special place in my heart because it reminds me of my grandpa which I did lose to cancer. Being able to see this song performed live was a very cathartic moment. I cried a lot while they performed this and so did many others, it was a beautiful moment that I will never forget.

At some point Tyler calls out both Judah and The Lions and Jon Bellion onto the stage and they performed 4 cover songs. They’re all songs Tyler liked listening to as a teen. I didn’t know any of the words to those songs but it was still really cool to see everyone on stage having a good time.

This is a really short clip of Twenty One Pilots performing Goner. It’s one of their saddder songs it was also the second to last song they performed so I cried a lot. That’s partially why I don’t have the full clip of this song. At this point in the concert I was distraught and crying hysterically which now that I think about it is really funny. It makes me feel better to know many of the people around me were crying too especially my friend Leslie.

This last video is just the boys thanking us and bowing at the end of the show. It’s also the point where I started to cry even harder because I’d just lived through one of the best moment of my entire existence and I got to experience it with my favorite person ever, my best friend Leslie. I was beyond exhausted and had gone partially deaf but it was all worth it because I saw Twenty One Pilots live. I have the honor of saying I saw two of the best performers on this earth.

I waiting nearly I year for this day to come and the wait was honestly worth it. Every penny spent on my ticket was well spent. I got a light show, I got an amazing performance, I discovered two new artists I fell in love with, and I even made new friends.

If you ever have the chance to go see Twenty One Pilots I would definitely recommend it you will not be disappointed.

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