Impact of the Dairies

By : Raychelle Pulliam & Alex Chavez


Global warming has been a controversial issue since President Trump took office. Trump’s ideals go against and discredit the very existence of global warming, despite 99.9% of the scientific community acknowledging global warming’s existence, Trump believes the whole issue is a hoax created by the Chinese. Cows are a top producer of methane gas which damage the ozone, contributing to global warming. Many believe that car exhaust is the main cause of global warming, but in reality it’s cow’s methane production. Although car exhaust does play a role, they’re widely outnumbered by the production of methane gas created by cows.

We asked various people around campus with different backgrounds and knowledge to give their opinion on  dairies and asked them what comes to mind when they think of cows. We withheld the information regarding global warming so their opinion wouldn’t be biased.

Alyssa Madrid, Tulare Western Junior, said “People with their old cars cause global warming because of the exhaust, people need to get solar panels like my family because we care about the earth. I also think cows are a problem, people should go vegetarian.”

Rigo Lopez, Tulare Western Junior, said, “I think they need to find a way to get rid of the poop and the other stuff cows produce. I worked in the dairy in the summer and seen how the cows literally chill in their own poop.”

We interviewed Jose Loza, Tulare Western Junior, which has worked in the dairy for 3 years. He said, “Calves die because they don’t get colostrum or get fed, colostrum is the first milk produced by the heifer. The cows where I work at at are for milk. They don’t die in the winter, they die more in the summer. We provide produce for Superior Trunklines. I think cows are needed to feed the people.”

Junior Villarreal, Tulare Western Junior, said ” When a cow is sick we just kill it. We do this because they won’t produce anything when they’re sick. Cows are needed not only for milk but for meat too.”

Isela Hernandez, Tulare Western Junior, said “I love In-N-Out, cows are great. I never worked at a dairy but I think they should be cleaner.”

Leslie Alcaraz, Tulare Western Junior, said ” I love Chipotle salads, but I think dairies should be regulated more because of outbreaks such as E. Coli.”

After discussing the effects of dairies and how they impact the environment, students felt different because the majority of them believed that Global Warming originated from car emissions. Despite the new facts, most of them didn’t change their opinion. It’s hard to change how you feel about an item which people consume on the daily.  What do you think ? Would you change your lifestyle or eating habits?



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