Best 2000’s R&B Music

Any R&B fan will know that there wasn’t a doubt that 2000-2009 was a good era for R&B music. We’ll be talking about the great music that won Grammy Awards and was nominated for many awards. Here are the top 7 in R&B music. Of course when it comes to R&B music, every song is amazing, but nothing compares to throwback R&B.

1.) Ms. Jackson by Stankonia 

This Grammy award hit was released on October 3, 2000 as the second album from their fourth album, Stankonia. The song discusses the problems that break-ups, separation, and divorce can have on a couple, and the animosity that a woman’s mother can have for her daughter’s former boyfriend or husband. This song was also number one in Germany and number two in the United Kingdom

2.) Halo by Beyonce

On February 20, 2009, “Halo” was released, and becoming nominated for Best Single at the 2009 Urban Music Awards and for Best Love Song at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. This song was actually written for Beyonce as a glimpse of her real life.

3.) Better in Time by Leona Lewis

Better in time” is a pop and R&B song performed by British singer Leona Lewis. It was written by J. R. Rotem and Andrea Martin, and was produced by Rotem. It is featured on Lewis’s debut album Spirit(2007). “Better in Time” was released on 10 March 2008 as Lewis’s third single in the United Kingdom.

4.) Take a Bow by Rihanna

“Take a Bow” was released as the first single from the re-release and the fifth single overall from the two releases. In the US, the song peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. This song reached out to the single people out there who got cheated on, but making them feel better because they are better off with out them anyway.

5.) Say my name by Destiny’s Child

This two timed Grammy winner was released in 1999, by the most wondering singers Beyonce, Letoya, Latavia, and Kelly, who formed a girl group in 1997 in Houston Texas. This song reaches out to many women and men out there who had been having a rough time with relationships, however this song isn’t just about relationships, this song can be a great jam to sing in the car or dance to at parties.

6.) Let me love you by Mario

“Let me love you” is a song that hits everybody hearts, and gets you in your feels. literally. This song was released on November 16,2004. In 2008, it was ranked at number 45 on Billboard’s All-Time Top 100 Hot 100 singles during the first 50 years of the chart. This song reaches out to all the lady’s and men who want their crushes to be theirs.

7.) Confessions part 2 by Usher

Usher released “Confession part 2” on JUne 1, 2004. This song was the rest of the story of part 1. He sings about his love and his side chick and how his having a baby by a girl that he barely even knows. Which many people believed it was a false story, but the rumors was true.

By Livia & Ashleigh

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