Bippity Boppity Boo: Wish Week


Great and new things are happening at Tulare Western! One of such things is Wish Week where our fellow Special Ed Mustangs make a wish and A.S.B. makes it happen!

The excitement brewing between the students has been infectious. This is the first annual of Wish Week and one to stay for years to come.

Throughout this upcoming week, they’ll be countless wishes being granted and currently as you’re reading this, two of many wishes  have been given.

The Stampede is having two special features on Wish Week that highlights the students who wanted to be in the Newspaper.

The first person who  wished to be feature in the school newspaper is Sergio Teixeria.

Those who know him know that he’s truly a awesome person to hang with and if you don’t, you should feel sorry that you don’t. He’s really nice and a neat person.

If you’re walking around and  see him around campus makes sure you say hi to the coolest  guy at Western!


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