Concert Essentials: Things You Need To Know Before Attending A Concert

By Cindy Pasillas

Attending a concert may very well be the best experience of your life especially if you’re going to see one of your favorite artists or bands perform. It’s such a surreal and emotional experience, once you attend one concert I guarantee you’ll be hooked and will want to attend many more.

Going to your very first concert can be quite intimidating seeing as you don’t really know what to expect. With that being said there’s no need to fear with a bit of planning and being aware of things ahead of time you’ll be more likely to have a wonderful experience.

Don’t dress to impress

First thing to take into consideration is where you will be sitting or standing for your show. The most important factor to take into consideration is comfort, you’re going to want to dress comfortably. It’s okay to want to look good for a concert but you have to take into consideration that it’ll more than likely be hot in the venue and you can’t fully enjoy a  concert if you’re uncomfortable. Big no’s to concerts are heels and flip flops, you’ll probably step on people or be stepped on so wear close toed shoes such as converse. Also try to wear things such as leggings, shorts, and tees. Layering would also be a good idea seeing as it might be cold outside the venue but really hot inside. Basically dress in something that’ll make you feel good but you’ll be comfortable in so jump and move around.

What to pack

Again depending on your situation it may very on what you need to pack but here’s a general overview on what to take. If you do take a bag be sure to take something small like a cross body bag or a backpack, also check to see if its acceptable to take bags into the venue. Once you pick a bag to take what should you put in it? The most important thing to pack is your ticket of course and a fully charged phone. Then you can throw in some money for merch, food, or drinks. Also a portable charger just in case you need to charge your phone again, some water and snacks if you’re going to be waiting in a line for a long time, deodorant because you will get sweaty, and maybe some hair ties in case you or someone else needs them, and some hand sanitizer. Try not to over pack because you’ll regret having to carry a ton of things you don’t need and your bag will be checked before entering the venue. You don’t want to hold up the line and you want to get in as quickly as possible.


If you want to be near the stage you are going to have to wait it’s as simple as that. You may have to show up to the venue 14 hours prior to the show or maybe just an hour before it just depends on how popular the artist you’re seeing is. This mainly applies to general admission concerts if you’re seated you can show up pretty much whenever. Also you aren’t guaranteed to be in the front just because you wait out all day sadly people are jerks and will cut in line or push their way to the front. Try not to be too upset about this it’s just life and please don’t be one of the jerks that thinks it’s okay to show up 30 minutes before the show and cuts in front of everyone. It’s not cool and people will probably try to fight you.

What to expect once you’re inside

Once you’re inside the venue you’ll need to find your seat or if you have general admission you’ll want to find the best place possible to stand. This is where the comfortable shoes come in you’ll be standing around for a while the opening acts usually don’t come on until an hour after doors open. Yes there will be an opening act sometimes two so the headlining artist won’t come on until a few hours after doors open. Try to look up the opening acts before hand so you can sing along and if you’re not intrested in that at the very least clap along or sing back when they ask the crowd to. Be polite and interactive. Once the concert start you need to get use to being pushed around and being in a very small tight space. Everyone is going to try to get closer to the stage and not everyone is going to be super kind, so if you’re  claustrophobic it’d be better to get seated tickets. If you happen to be in the pit and start to feel uncomfortable try your best to get out, drink some water and maybe get some fresh air. Also people can get a bit wild and violent at rock concerts in particular so always be aware about what’s going on around you, you don’t want to get hurt.

Be in the moment and have fun

The only reason someone attends a concert is to have fun so by all means have fun. Sing along as loud as you please and jump around if you have the room for it of course. Don’t worry too much on what others think about you. You do you and enjoy every moment of it. You’re seeing your favorite musician live so it’s normal to want to snap some pictures or record your favorite song but don’t watch the entire concert through the screen of your phone. I cannot stress that enough be in the moment and enjoy the music live not through a screen. Create mental memories.

Going to your first concert will probably be one of the best and most unforgettable experiences. It can also be a bit intimidating not knowing what you’re getting yourself into so it’s important to inform yourself beforehand. You’re more likely to enjoy yourself if you know what to expect but no matter what I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time.

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