Thursdays With 831

By: Sarah and Grace Wilbur

Every Thursday of the week, Mrs. Viera has made it a standard of her class to learn from a Video Journal. The process of this journal takes place as they watch a video that the teacher has recently discovered and seeks value in their students learning from it. After they view the video as a class, each student is encouraged to jot down points that stand out to them or can be applied some way in their everyday lives. To get the inside scoop of these journals, we have interviewed some of these freshmen.

“This week’s video has taught me to lead even when things get hard and you just want to follow. Leading can be hard but everyone can value from it.” -Sarah Salazar.

“Today in Mrs. Viera’s class, I learned about how we are told far too often to follow directions and learn by following by going with the flow rather than learning by taking the reigns of our own lives to control our actions.” -Alfonso Isaiah.

“Thursdays are by far my favorite days in class! I think the journals are a fun yet educational way to learn about ways to apply our education to real life situations.” –Damian Quintana

At the conclusion of the video and journal time, students are asked to read silently for AR until the whole class has completed the weekly journaling task. Journaling is an important tool that should be practiced from all ages. This is Mrs. Viera’s first year of teaching however I think we can all learn from her ways!

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