Election Week

By: Kennedy Oliver- Sorrell

It’s time, Mustangs, to vote for new positions for the ASB Class next year!

Over the last three years, Tulare Western’s ASB has revamped itself into a new identity by creating it’s new philosophy the Four Season of ASB with the encouraging phrase of “Keep Watering.” In addition, within the program, leaders are divided into teams known as S.O.D.A. which is an acronym for Sound/Spirit, Outreach, Design, and Activities. Each of which has a captain to ensure their team is running smoothly.

Now that the second semester is going lightening fast it’s time to see who’s game to fill the shoes of leaders before them.  Juniors who’ve been a part of the class are now looking towards you, the student body, to vote them as captains for the 2017-2018 ASB Program.

First, for the Activities team, the only candidate is Madison McCarthy. Next, the Design candidates are Kendall Ford, Stacy Vasquez, and Vivianna Alvarado. Third, we have Taylor Rhyman & Meghan Oliveira for Outreach. Lastly the Sound/Spirit team candidates are Tatyanna Allen, Liandra Morgan and Anthony Sousa.

So to find out more about the candidates to help you decide who deserves your vote, I asked each candidates a few questions.

I asked each person three questions. First being,”What made you decide to run for a position?”

Anthony Sousa:  “The reason I wanted to run is because I felt like I have qualities to lead and better our ASB for the student body.”

Madison McCarthy: “I’m passionate about ASB and I have the desire to give back to the program that gave so much to me. Plus I’m ready to lead large quantity of people to better our campus.”

Meghan Oliveira: “This program gave so much to me that I’m willing to do so for it. Especially being apart of Outreach I’ve seen how we affected people and to have the power to brighten someone’s day  by leading community projects which is very special aspect of this team.”

Liandra Morgan: “My main reason is because I wanted to make a true difference and for the last years I haven’t been able to but hope to do so within this next year.”

Taylor Rhyman: “Anyone who knows me knows ASB is my passion. Being apart of it has changed me and I want to help others have a great high school experience.”

Vivianna Alvarado: “I enjoy ASB and throughout the years I’ve been apart of it I’ve developed life skills and become a better person.”

Stacy Vasquez: “I really enjoy the program even when I wasn’t officially a part of it, I still was. Especially the design aspect of it.

Tatyanna Allen: “I wanted to run because I feel that I would be a great representative for Sound.”

Kendall Ford: “I’m a creative person and feel that this trait of mine is a perfect asset to being a captain and I enjoy taking the initiative.”

The second question asked is “Why did you choose that specific team to be captain of?”

Anthony Sousa:  “I chose Sound/Spirit because it would fit my schedule and fits my area of expertise the most.”

Madison McCarthy: “I chose Activities because I’ve been apart of that team since I was in Link Crew and it’s been fun to create events that everybody can be involved in.”

Meghan Oliveira: “I chose Outreach because it’s truly impactful on people who are on campus, the community and it’s a way to show everyone we care.”

Liandra Morgan: “I chose Sound/Spirit because it’s been my place since Link Crew and just seemed to be where I fit best, I guess you can say it’s my calling.”

Taylor Rhyman: “I chose Outreach because I’m super passionate about it. I love making people feel appreciated and create a sense of home whenever they’re here on campus.”

Vivianna Alvarado: “I chose Design because I love making people say WOW! It’s an awesome and awarding feeling knowing all your hard work paid off.”

Stacy Vasquez: “I chose Design because planning it on paper, then to contribute ideas with others, and put into one amazing mash-up and see it come to life is exciting.”   

Tatyanna Allen: “I chose Sound/Spirit because I’m an energizer, I fit the job just like music does to the sound.”

Kendall Ford: “I chose Design because I love drawing, painting. I’m creative person by nature hence my interest into leading a team called Design.”

These candidates gave excellent answers which made deciding who should lead even harder. The results came out Wednesday, Feb. 8th. With Madison McCarthy as the next Activities Captain, Taylor Rhyman as the Outreach Captain, and Tatyanna Allen for Sound/Spirit. The Design results are still being accounted for since there has been a tie. Finalized voting is tomorrow, Feb.10. between Stacy Vasquez & Vivianna Alvarado.

If you felt like you connected with any of what was said you should go to the corral to pick up an application which are due Feb. 24th. If you’re worried, the season members of ASB, who are running, left advice:

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to be all in or getting your ideas out there. Don’t let fear stop you or other people. Do what you love and if you decide to join, it will change you for the better.



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