Rain, Rain..Come Our Way!

Although campus is nearly flooded with puddles and the cold can keep us in the classroom, we need all the rain we can get! As weather sites begin to update reports of rainfall from 2016 we are able to compare the results to the past couple of years.

The average rain totals of the months January and February of this year are on the path of doubling this time of last year. In fact, the University of California has recently recorded the local rainfall and submitted it to this public webpage. It clearly states, “Rain totals of January 2016 fell short of 3.77. Whereas January 2017 doubles that total and rises to 6.18.” From this statement, we are able to go into this new year with high hopes of flooding out the drought!

So even though the rain can make you want to stay inside all day, head outside to enjoy the weather as the drought begins to fade away.

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