by Amanda Ross and Chloe Cushing

Valentine’s Day – the most romantic day of the year! Dozens of roses, giant teddy bears, heart shaped chocolates in heart shaped boxes!

Unfortunately, students are not allowed to sell candy on campus.

So this year, the Journalism club is selling teddy-grams! Cute little stuffed animals adorned with a personalized card for anybody on campus to send to that special someone! We are offering four different teddy bear options to accompany your message:

A stuffed animal and it’s message are only $5, but Journalism is also offering additional Valentine’s Day pieces to buy along with your teddy-gram.

A velvet rose or pen rose for $2 and a balloon for $3. Again, these are additional purchase and do not come with the original teddy-gram.

Journalism is also offering an “anonymous” sender status, as well as a “Dating,” “Talking,” or “Friend” status. Checking one of these boxes designates what kind of card you will be sending with your stuff animal, that way, if you don’t want to be too romantic and/or just friendly, the card will be appropriate.

We will be selling these teddy-grams all next week, just in times for Valentine’s Day. Before school, we’ll have a table set up and ready to sell next to the student parking lot gate. At lunch, we’ll also have a table in Senior Court, as well as by the gate.

The Journalism club hopes to see you sending a teddy-gram this Valentine’s Day! Spread the love!



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