Muslim Ban

Written By : Alex Chavez


The Executive Order prohibiting people from Muslim majority nations from entering the US, implemented and signed by President Trump, has caused chaos and confusion across the whole country. Millions were in awe when President Trump signed this order making blatantly clear where his interests lie. The order signed Friday 27th, 2017 has left several people stranded in airports, not knowing what their future may hold. Some courts have issued emergency stays to people with valid visas allowing some immigrants to stay, although Trump’s executive order is still being enforced. But the real question is why did this happen in the first place? Why did the Trump administration decide to target these specific nations?

Implementing a Muslim Ban was a cornerstone in his campaign which incited racism and division among the America people. Trump rallied his supporters with this ideal, using Muslims as his scapegoat and blaming them for the misfortunes of the US. His supporters bolstered at this proposal defending their position by stating that ISIS and terrorism are a legitimate threat to the nation’s security.

Many people say the President was in his right in implementing and enforcing this ban due to the terror attacks our country has experienced and endured. If you look closely at Trump’s ban, nations where citizens have been prohibited from entering the US, are nations where exactly zero terrorist attacks have originated from. Conservative think tanks and researchers have concluded that the chances of an American be killed by a refugee are 1 in 3.64 billion per year. These statics mean that you have a higher chance of dying from a lighting strike than you have 0f being killed by a refugee.

The question now is if refugees don’t pose a legitimate threat to people and if no terrorists originated from the countries that are being banned, what’s the purpose of all this ?


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