High School Relationships

Are high school relationships just a waste of time or can they turn into something so much more? Many teens jump into relationships at such a young age and that can cause for a lot of drama and heartache. Most relationships in high school don’t make it past high school. So many people argue that they are just wasting their time and should focus more of their time and energy on school or other extra curricular activities.  However other people may view high school relationships as a great learning experience and even think their is hope for the young love birds.

Senior Megan Muller is totally against dating in high school and her reasoning behind it is that, “In high school it is important to hang out with friends and most people are still immature in high school and not ready for a serious relationship. It just isn’t the place to settle down, it’s to have fun.”

Junior Vange Alonzo is also against dating in high school. She says, “Relationships in high school can be good, but there’s a lot of reasons to be bad as well. There’s more distractions, you don’t really get to experience as much when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. You have less freedom. People have yet to find themselves in high school and with another person, it makes it just as hard.”

The Huffington Post said that, “The majority of the time, high school relationships do not last, as on 2 percent of new marriages in North America are compromised of “high school sweethearts.”

However high school relationships can be very valuable lessons. It can help young people determine what they like and don’t like for future relationships. Something can always be learned from these relationships.

Senior Paulie Cortez seems to be on the fence about this topic. He says, “It goes vice versa because you can go through high school having fun with friends and going out to dances and not worrying about relationship, but you can also have a relationship and enjoy the fun and the experiences that come along with a relationship in high school. It just depends on the person and how you feel on it.”

High school relationships are different for everyone. Some can be long and prosperous. It can be the best time of their lives for some people. On the other hand they can be very stressful and filled with a lot of drama for other people.




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