The Giving Tree

By: Sarah Wilbur

What is more rewarding, giving or receiving?

A group of Tulare Western Leadership students have recently put together a service project in their community called, “The Giving Tree.” After talking with the group of leaders, we discovered an interesting topic that was brought up while performing the random act of kindness. The reoccurring question was, “What is more rewarding, giving or receiving?” We have extended the question to staff as well as students to get to the bottom of this.

Abby Philips was a part of the behind the scenes planning of The Giving Tree as well as setting it up. After talking with Abby over the topic question this was her response, “Anytime you apply service before yourself, big things will happen. When you give your time, heart, energy, or sometimes money, the impact toward yourself will be equally as empowering as the impact on others. If you were to just receive without service, you will gain the gift but lack the passion, which is not nearly as rewarding.”

“Being able to see my students go out and do these sort of projects is rewarding for many reasons. They are truly putting others before themselves. At this age that can be a concept that not many other high school students attempt to practice. I do believe that the work ethic they perform now will only grow them into better people in their near future,” explained activities director, Mr. Aye.

Esther Franco shared her experience and the impact it has made on her, as well as others. “As we were building our Giving Tree, people who live on the streets were coming up to us eager to find out what activity we were doing and if they could take one to suit their needs. Being apart of the behind the scenes was just as rewarding because after all, it starts with us but it’s not about us and this was simply a practice of that.”

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