Hollyweed ?

By: Michael Olivares

On January 1, 2017, Californians and Tourist in Los Angeles woke up to see the Famous Hollywood sign, located on Mount Lee, was tampered with and changed to “HOLLYWEED” overnight. 30 year old artist,  Zachary Cole Fernandez, vandalize the Hollywood sign.

Fernandez confessed to his crime and was booked for misdemeanor trespassing. According to Abc7 the prankster has court on February 15. He wouldn’t refer to it as vandalizing the Hollywood sign, more of a piece of art, modified.

“Well I heard that the reason why people put up the hollyweed sign was to celebrate the marijuana rights,” said Idali Rodriguez . He wanted to pay tribute to the man who changed the sign back in 1976, and wanted to get people talking about the new state marijuana laws.

Social media blew up New Years Day, especially twitter with the trend #HOLLYWEED, and ended up with memes of all sorts. The Trend will go on for a while, until something new, more popular takes over.

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