Hidden Figures: A Hidden Jewel

By: Kennedy Oliver-Sorrell

The film Hidden Figures starring Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monáe, and Octavia Spencer is soaring in the box offices and receiving acclaimed recognition from critics.

The movie is based off an untold story of the colored women of NASA who helped America advance in the race for space back in the 60’s. While an underlying tone in the movie is obvious, the struggle for equality of African-Americans, it also portrays the struggle for equality of all women working in a “man’s ” world.

As most of the actors have revealed in many interviews this movie is relevant to issues in society today. Which is a true statement especially with issues involving organizations such as Black Lives Matter or the constant discussion over issues like planned parenthood and Roe v. wade.

The film is what the society needs in this critical time we’re in. It’s expressed time after time in the movie that there are social injustices occurring. The message that came across was that for the all those issues to create tensions and delay progress, it was all put aside for the vision that an American man was orbiting the Earth.

It’s a movie for the entire family, especially young girls and more so young African-American girls to be strong, relentless, beautiful, and intelligent to achieve their dreams. That the world is their pearl waiting to be discovered.

It truly is a beautiful film and is still currently in theaters everywhere.

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