Investigation into the Justice Department & FBI over Clinton Probe

By : Alex Chavez


Inspector General, Micheal E. Horowitz, has decided to open an investigation into the Justice Department & the FBI. What prompted this sudden investigation was the public outcry and numerous requests from members of Congress to look into policies and procedures that weren’t followed in the Clinton Investigation. FBI Director, James Comey, broke decades of precedent when he wrote the letter to the members of Congress informing them he was reopening his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. His letter enraged Democrats and they blamed him for the ultimate downfall of their presidential candidate.

Horowitz’s office has given a statement informing the public that they will be looking in several allegations. From the DOJ and FBI employees disclosing non-public information to the release of certain documents under the Freedom of Information Act in the dawn of the election.

In light of these events, the White House issued a statement informing the public that they didn’t influence in any way on the decision to investigate. They reiterated and stated that any finding that the inspector general encounters is completely independent and they strive not to try to impose their will on them and protect the inspector general’s independence.

Many political analysts question how the new administration will deal with the ongoing investigation. Trump’s surrogates have been delicate when dealing with anything having to do with the election in fear that people will claim his victory was illegitimate. Many wonder if they will follow precedent and allow Horowitz to finalize this investigation, or will they appoint a new inspector general to spearhead this controversial investigation.

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