Hollywood’s Golden Future

By: Kennedy Oliver-Sorrell

This past Sunday night, celebrities came out to the Beverly Hilton to celebrate the best of the best of the big and small screen.

The categories this year all held fierce contenders for top film and top actors/actresses. Famous names included Denzel Washington and Emma Stone.

This year history was made by actress Tracee Ellis Ross, famously known as the daughter of legendary artist Diana Ross, when she  won the golden globe for best actress in TV comedy for her portrayal as Rainbow Johnson in ABC’s Blackish. She’s the first black women in 35 years to win this award.

In her acceptance speech she dedicated the win to women and women of color and how their experiences and stories are being heard.

“This is for all of the women, women of color, and colorful people, whose stories, ideas, thoughts are not always considered worthy and valid and important. I want you to know that I see you. We see you.”

After receiving the golden globe on stage in the press room, she continued to discuss Hollywood’s new approach to diversity. Her win signifies the change Hollywood is experiencing to embrace more ethnically diverse actors.

In the past, most minorities were mainly offered to only play the typical roles: black men as the rough gangster in the urban area, black women as the sassy black friend of the protagonist, or Asian actors playing a super genius nerd and even Latino actors as menial workers.

However, as society’s attitude is changing so is tinsel town. Roles for minorities are becoming more meaningful and bountiful.  Tracee’s character is a successful doctor. Kerry Washington character in ABC’s hit Scandal is a Political fixer,  even in terms of lead stars there’s a difference in race with  protagonists such as Gina Rodriguez from the CW comedy Jane the Virgin who is Latina.

Other minority actors won  golden globes such as Viola Davis for her performance in the critically acclaimed film Fences, and Donald Glover with his role in the comedy Atlanta.

Regardless if these actors won or not the point is television and film is becoming the melting pot it was meant to be. It’s a platform to inspire people of all color to dream big and escape to fantasy before facing reality again.

These winners are the seeds being planted for the future of the entertainment industry and for the young actors, directors, writers waiting to be discovered.



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