Disney Brings Joy –

Disneyland! The happiest place on earth! I am actually standing in line there now!

Why would this be the happiest place on earth? It’s hard to tell especially when you’re paying $40 for a pizza or standing in a two hour line for a 5 minute ride, but you can see the evidence in the little girl’s eyes as she hugs Mickey, or even the laughter you hear from somewhere behind you as you’re walking to your next stop. I’ve actually gotten to speak to a few cast members. A couple I cannot name because they were characters who weren’t supposed to talk to me.

Estelle was one of the ride operators I spoke to who was very happy to answer my questions. When asked, “What is your favorite charitable thing that the park does?” She replied with a little known secret, “I love that they donate all of the money thrown into our ponds or water rides to the children’s hospitals.”

Her favorite thing about her job is: “The hope and joy I see in the kids’ eyes. It makes me feel like this is the best job in the world.”

I also spoke to Goofy. His real name will remain anonymous because it was very much against the rules for him to speak out of character. His responses to my two questions were just as positive:

“It’s not widely known that they donate to Disaster Preparedness and Relief programs. It help with supplies for those who lost things or need attention from disasters.”

I have honestly never heard about this being done but kudos to you Disney.

Goofy continued, “My favorite is the way their (the kids) faces light up when they see me. They always want hugs and absolutely adore the characters that come around to visit. The innocence is uplifting.”

Disney was a blast and I’m ecstatic to have gotten to speak with such happy and uplifting workers. Keep ’em smiling Disney!

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