Christmas Reminders

The holidays are a special time for families and loved ones to celebrate and be joyous with one another. As we come to Christmastime, we should all take a moment to appreciate what we do have in life.

Remember that this is a time for giving. Even if your grandparents buy you socks for the 4th year in a row, you should be thankful and appreciate what they gave. Remember that it’s important to give back also–good ways to do so would be Toys for Tots or even volunteering your time to the local soup kitchen.

This time of year is when people need support the most. Reach out to someone who may need a chat, talk to the neighbor who everyone avoids, make a new friend at school. A little kindness can start a chain reaction and cause so many good things in life.

There are also people who have recently lost a loved one and cannot stand the thought of their first Christmas without them. These are extra sensitive times for all different families. Please remember to be kind and respectful to everyone, you never know what hardships they’re overcoming at home.

Be thankful, thank your teachers, loved ones, mailman, or even the lady at the drive thru. It’s so easy to take everyone and everything for granted when your arms are being filled with gifts. You never know what could come of it this Christmas season. It’s easy to brighten up someone’s Christmas, even without the lights.

~Amanda R.

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