Holiday Gift Guide For Him 

By Cindy Pasillas

It’s holiday season! Which means pretty much everyone seems to be stressed out over looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. Receiving gifts is great but there’s just this warming feeling you get when you give a gift. Having trouble picking a gift for your dad, your boyfriend, your brother or your best friend? Here are a few awesome gift ideas for those special dudes in your life or just anyone that you’d think would enjoy any of the following gift ideas. Not only have I made this list of great gifts, but I’ve also included links to pretty much everything.  So you’re welcome for making your life easier.

Copper Smartphone Projector $30
With a cool vintage look this would be perfect for those that love random accessories for their phones. It would be good for movie nights or just to watch YouTube videos. It’s also pretty affordable unlike most projectors.

Christmas socks $11.99

Okay yeah I get it socks can be a really boring and lame gift but not these socks! For example these Aliens In Santa Hats Sock or how about these Christmas Pug Socks. Nothing about these socks says lame quite the contrary.

Vinyl  or CDs

I’m almost 100% sure that everyone on the face of this earth likes music and if not they’re probably weird. Giving someone their favorite album is always a great gift so figure out who their favorite artist or album is and give them that.

S’Well 17-Oz Satin Water Bottle $35

For those who like to workout, go on long adventure or just like to drink water these water bottles are essential. They keep your drink cold or hot for a long period of time and they’re also really sleek looking so you can’t really go wrong with this one.


IHOME Star Wars Darth Vader Bluetooth Speaker $29.99

We can’t forget about that Star Wars lover. This is honestly a useful gift for just about anyone because who doesn’t want a Bluetooth speaker but the fact that it’s a Darth Vader makes it like way cooler.


Slim Marble Portable Power Charger $24

Another useful gift for pretty much about everyone is a portable charger. There’s literally no worse feeling than be out and having your phone die and not being able to find a power outlet. With this gift this will no longer be a problem! It also comes in those really cool marble designs that’s just nice to look at.


Proraso Travel Shave Kit $15

Help with getting the perfect shave by gifting this handy little kit that includes a pre shaving cream, shaving cream, after shave balm, and a mini shaving brush. Four items for $15 sounds pretty good to me.


Fire Lighting Kit

This is kinda random but I mean we all know someone that loves the outdoors or that just really enjoys bonfires. This kit would come in handy for those people and it’s honestly just a really different gift to give that pretty much no one would see coming. It’ll be lit literally!


Pura Vida Charity Bracelets $5-$15

The whole purpose of the holidays is to give with Pura Vida bracelets not only can you give a unique gift to someone you love but you’ll also be giving back to a charity. Pura Vida sell bracelets such as Teen Cancer American Solidarity Stings bracelet which gives back to Teen Cancer America or the Joyful Heart Foundation Platinum which donates to Joyful Heart Foundation which helps survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. There are so many charity bracelets to choose from all giving back a potion of the proceeds to a charity. Pura Vida also helps provide full time jobs to artisans in Costa Rica due to the fact that their bracelets are handmade. This a really awesome gift to give and you’ll also be helping many other people with your purchase.

Funko Pop Vinyl Figures $12.50

We all have our favorite movie character, band member, television character, or even an athlete we admire dearly so what better gift than getting a miniature version of our favorite character. With over 500 characters to choose from you’re bound to find the perfect one for that special someone.

Caps $24

For your trendy friend caps are a great gift seeing as they’re always in style and they’re also great for keeping the sun out of your face. The Common Culture ‘Common’ Cap $24 and Common Culture Lips Cap $24 are two great and simplistic cap options.

Cards Against Humanity: Bigger Blacker Box $20

This is a great gift for either guys and girls it’s pretty much the perfect gift to give to anybody with a really good sense a humor. Cards Against Humanity is a really intresting (to say the least it can get pretty weird) card game that you can enjoy at any party or get together. Also it’s in a box so it’ll be easy to wrap!

img_3570Moon Juice Brain Dust Sachet Box $20

This is a peculiar gift definitely more on the random side. Moon Juice is basically a chocolate mix you can add to milk, smoothies or even tea. This is all natural and organic which is always nice but what does it do you might ask. This is basically brain food if that makes sense. This mix is good for your neurotransmitters and brain tissue the website even claims it’s good for stress reliving, activating your brain, and it can also promote hapiness. This is a random gift but a thoughtful one.

Christmas Mugs $14.99

To go along with the Moon Juice or just to gift alone how about a cute Christmas mug! ‘Tis the season to drink coffee or whatever you fancy in a super cute and kinda lame mug. Two really cute ones are the Dachshund Through The Snow Mug or maybe this Falalala Llama Mug.

Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset $32

I’ve seen so many virtual reality headsets for sell but most of them are really expensive. These are reasonable in price and just a rad gift idea for that person that loves anything tech related. This headset is compatible with tons of apps and phones so whoever you give this too will more than likely be able to enjoy their gift.


Herschel Supply Co. Roy Bi-Fold Wallet $25

If you want to go on more of the safe route with you gift of choice get that special someone a wallet. Wallets are practical and guys tend to wait until their wallets are really old and gross looking before replacing it. Do them a favor and get them a new one.


RipNDip We Out Here Air Freshener $4.95

Okay this is more of a stocking stuffer than an actual gift but look how cool it’s an alien air freshener. I don’t know what else to say besides this is cool and you should buy it for someone with a car or if someone has a fascination with aliens.


Crep Cure Ultimate Shoe Cleaner Kit $17.95

We all know that one person that’s obsessed with collecting shoes and gets extremely paranoid that someone’s going to step on their precious sneakers. For the shoe lover rather than feeding their addiction and getting them yet another pair of shoes they probably don’t need get them a shoe cleaning kit. It’s still shoe related but not actual shoes and it’s pretty handy.


Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 3 Piece Combo Kit $39.95

Guys are just as obsessed with their hair or probably even more than girls are but of course they won’t admit it. For that person that spends like an hour styling their hair before leaving the house or are always fixing their hair and looking in mirrors to make sure their hairs in place this is probably the best gift for them. This kit contains a shampoo, conditioner, pomade, and comb. All the products work with all hair types and it’ll be greatly appreciated by your hair loving friend if they get this for Christmas this year.


The Rap Year Book: The Most Important Rap Song From Every Year Since 1979, Discussed, Debated And Deconstructed By Shea Serrano & Arturo Torres $18.95

And last but not least for the person that loves rap music or culture this book is literally the most perfect gift you could give them. Well aside from maybe a vinyl or CD but that’s beside the point. Books are honestly some of the best gifts to give just figure out what type of books the person you’re buying for is into and get them that. It also shows that you pay attention to their interests enough to buy them a book based off what they like!


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