Holiday Gift Guide For Her

By Cindy Pasillas

With the holidays just a few weeks away, everyone seems to be stressed out looking for the perfect gift for that special someone in their life. Sure receiving gifts is pretty amazing but there’s no better feeling than seeing the face of those you love light up after receiving your gift. Whether it be your mom, your girlfriend, your sister or your best friend, here are a few unique gift ideas for those special women in your life or just anyone that you’d think would enjoy any of the following gift ideas. Not only have I made this list of 20 great gift but I’ve also included links to pretty much everything, so you’re welcome!

Nyx Cosmetics Wanderlust Soft Matte Lip Cream City Set  $14.99

For that makeup lover in your life, this Nyx Cosmetics sets would be perfect for the low price of $14.99 you get 8 shadows and a matte lip cream. With six palettes to choose from you’ll more than likely find the perfect palette.

Funko Pop Vinyl Figures $12.50

We all have our favorite movie character, band member, television character, or even an athlete we admire dearly so what better gift than getting a miniature version of our favorite character. With over 500 characters to choose from you’re bound to find the perfect one for that special someone.

Candlefish Candle Making Kit $48

Candles always seem to be a popular gift for all occasions but why not gift a candle making kit instead. This is the perfect gift for those who love crafts or even just people that enjoy candles.



For that person that always has their nose stuck in a book there really isn’t a better gift then receiving yet another book to add to your collection. Two books that I recommend are The Little Book Of Feminism By Harriet Dyer $9.95 and Milk And Honey By Rupi Kaur $14.99. Books are a very personal gift figure out what that person likes and find a book you think they’d enjoy.

Holiday Slippers $12.90

Chilly weather calls for warm gifts! These Holiday Reindeer Slippers or these Penguin Earmuff Slippers are perfect to keep your pals feet warm this season and they’re also very festive.

USB Leather Tassel Keychain + Charging Cord $26

Stylish yet very useful a key chain that also charges your phone. We all know that person that carries their charger everywhere they go so why not get them something that also serves as an accessory for their bags or keys as well.

Lace Velvet Silky Choker Necklace Trio $10.95

For that person that loves to keep up with fashion trends chokers are all the rage right now. This set is perfect because you get three different chokers for a really great price and I mean they’re also really cute so you can’t go wrong with this. Chokers are a great way to take any outfit to the next level.


Assorted Crystal Ornament Set of 4 $28

It’s Christmas season so why not give these stunning crystal ornaments as a gift. These are literally the prettiest ornaments ever and they’re incredibly unique. Great for that artsy person in your life that likes random things they probably saw while scrolling through Tumblr in the middle of the night.

Vinyl  or Cd’s

Everybody loves music. Figure out who their favorite artists are  or what their favorite album is and pick up a CD or a vinyl for them. They’ll probably love you forever.

Rose Kitten Slim Portable Power Charger  $24

Another cute and handy gift a portable charger. There’s literally no worse feeling than be out and having your phone die and not being able to find a power outlet. With this gift you’re loved one will never have that problem again!


Lush Face Masks $8.95-$26.95

What comes before we get to enjoy our Christmas Break? Finals, grades close, and a whole lot of stress. A very thoughtful gift this year for pretty much anyone would be a face mask or two. What a perfect way to wind down after going through the chaos of studying for finals and maybe even trying to bring your grades up last minute. Lush masks in particular are great because they’re handmade, natural, have vegan options and are cruelty free!

Pura Vida Charity Bracelets  $5-$15

This is the time of year for giving and with these Pura Vida bracelets not only can you give a unique gift to someone you love but you’ll also be giving back to a charity. Pura Vida have bracelets such as the LGBT Pride Awareness Braided bracelet gives back to SD Pride and Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet that donates a portion of the proceeds to Boarding for Breast Cancer. They have so many charity bracelets to choose from all giving back a potion of the proceeds to a charity and Pura Vida also helps provide full time jobs to artisans in Costa Rica since all bracelets are handmade. This a really awesome gift to give and you’ll also be helping many other people with your purchase.

Shimmer Rock Candy 3-Pack $18

For that person with a sweet tooth these rock candies are totally great and they’re almost too pretty to eat. This is a much better than receiving traditional candy bars because again look how pretty.


LuMee Perfect Selfie iPhone Case $55

For that tech savvy friend or even that friend that will stop at no cost to find the perfect lighting to take the perfect selfie this is the gift for them! Not only will this case protect your phone but it lights up with the push of a button giving you the best selfie lighting no matter where you are.

ColourPop Cosmetics

Colourpop are one of the best affordable makeup brands. All their products have a great formulation and they do not test on animals so hooray for another cruelty free makeup brand. Two wonderful gift options are Forever or Never Ultra Matte Lip Set $25 or the All Nighter Eyeshadow Set $18 it’s pretty much guaranteed that any makeup lover would enjoy this and you won’t break the bank.

Feminist Tee’s

For that very outspoken woman in your life or just anyone who consider themselves feminists and care for woman’s rights tee’s are a great gift idea. A few cute tees are the Who Needs Gender Rolls When We Can Have Sushi Rolls Baseball Shirt $24.99 or Feminism Cats And Coffee Pullovers $29.99.

Zodiac Journal $18

For the person that enjoys writing these vegan leather journals are honestly really cute and somewhat personalized considering they have the zodiac constellations on them. Even if the person you’re gifting this to doesn’t love writing this is a useful gift to just jot down reminders or class notes.


Moon Juice Beauty Dust Sachet Box $20

You might be wondering what this is but don’t worry it’s just chocolate milk mix you can also add it to smoothies or mix it with tea. You may be wondering why would anyone want this as a gift right? Well for starters it’s all natural, organic, and it helps your body from the inside out. This mixture increases collagen production, helps with hydrating your skin, fortifies your hair, nails and even your cell membranes. This is a weird gift but very beneficial one.


S’Well 17-Oz Resort Water Bottle $35

Everyone needs to drink water. Literally everyone. So why not get your loved one a cute water bottle that’ll keep their drink cold or warm for a really long time.


Lush Wrapped Gifts

Last but certainly not least another gift that great for those who deserve to be pampered. Many of these Lust sets come with bath bombs, soaps, shower gels, and many other all natural handmade goodies. Oh and if you aren’t the best at wrapping gifts that’s okay because many of these sets come wrapped in really cute wrapping paper and a bow!

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