2017 is on the way

Raychelle Pulliam and Lisette Yanez

2016 is coming to an end that means 2017 is on the way. It will be a new year full of new events and new experiences. It’s also new semester and a new things to stress about.

“I’m looking forward to a new school year.” said by Elyza Palma, Tulare Western junior.

Many people see the end of this semester as a huge relief and others see the end as time running out, especially the seniors.

“I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! I don’t want this year to end,” commented Josée Garcia, Tulare Western senior.

Many seniors are scared to leave the safety of public school and go out into the real world. Others are excited and have already thought about their New Year’s resolutions. “I plan on losing weight,” included Michael Olivares, Tulare Western junior. “I want to be healthier,” added Elyza Palma.

Students are also ready for the break that winter gives us. Trips to Mexico are popular among many students, along with other vacation locations, either to visit family or spend the holidays somewhere warm. Others are staying local, hanging around home for three weeks.

Whether we’re ready or not, this semester is ending, Christmas is coming, and a New Year is awaiting.

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