Stressing Over these Finals

By: Lisette Yanez & Michael Olivares


So like most students, I’m taking three finals the week before Winter Break and the stress is starting to get to me. Teachers really outdid themselves this time.

Brichta alone is having us do 100 multiple choice with a few essay questions for Physics. Physics is hard enough without him making us do so much. Even twenty questions would be considered a rigorous final.

“I have chemistry with Brichta and he’s giving my class a 100-question final too,” commented Mia Rodriguez, Tulare Western junior.

And then there’s O’Donohoe who’s not only making us do a lab practical but also about sixty multiple choice and a few essay questions. Lab practicals alone are challenging.

“There’s so much to study for in Mrs. O’s class. Her tests are on everything!” exclaimed Adrianna Pioquinto.

Let’s not forget, though, Mrs. Medeiros who insists we have a final next week on everything in the legislative and executive branch from how a bill becomes a law to the president’s cabinet. This isn’t too hard with the kahoot the she has us all do on everything on the test.

To say the least, I’m sure we’re all feeling the stress. The only thing keeping most students from staying home the last three days, is the fear of their semester grades coming home with the zeros from their finals on them.

The stress can really get to students so it’d be a good idea to catch up on that sleep and eat breakfast all of final days. Studying is important but not worth going to bed at 3:00 in the morning for. Get that sleep and relieve some of that stress.

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