Formal: A Night Under the Stars

by: Kennedy Oliver

It’s that time of year for people to appear with cheesy poster signs and flowers asking others out to one of the biggest night in our young teen lives. That’s right formal is just around the corner with a fresh look for this year.

As the date pulls closer ladies are looking for the dress and men searching for the right tie to match their date. A question is looming over students across all three campuses of Tulare-is this dance going to be lit?

For years the attendance at school functions such as formal and prom has reduced due to the unpopularity and the rise of interest in party buses. However, with the threat of these dances disappearing and the new look formal has this year, the buzz of people attending the dance is higher than it’s ever been.


Paul Flora  and Megan Simonich  posing after his formal proposal.


We’ve asked a few members of senior class, one being Sarah Wilbur, what’s the new face formal has?

“This year we are having at a cute, rustic barn and there are more modern food options such as a s’mores bar and tacos.”

Then we’ve asked a few students around campus questions regarding how they feel about this grand event coming up.

First we talked to senior Isaiah Woodard and asked, “What does formal mean to you?”

“When it comes down to formal it’s more than just the dance, it’s the process of planning, asking someone and if they will say yes or no, and just overall the buildup to the event.”

In mention of the significant time spent on planning the dance, we asked senior Danny Sandoval what he looks forward to this formal?

“The fact that it’s at a new venue, the barn, and that we are saving our prom.”

Speaking of prom we asked sophomore Grace Wilbur, “Based on the pressure from the district, do you think there will be a prom this year?”

“Yes, because there’s going to be great formal turnout, so good that it will encourage the district to keep our prom.”

In addition we asked both juniors Dax Korewinder and Dominique Mora why they are attending?

“Mainly the location plus many of my friends are interested, so I’m down.” -Dax

“Honestly it’s just the food plus I have an amazing date.” -Dominique

Lastly we asked senior Emilia Hamilton, “What do you hope comes out of formal?”

“Hoping that it will be the best yet, because I’ve gone with dates and that’s alright but going with friends and making memories is truly the best way to have a great night.”

Formal is this Saturday and will change the culture of high school students fascination of party buses to hopefully back on the dances. It will be a night to remember.



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