Movie Review: Trolls

Lisette Yanez & Michael Olivares


The trailer for Trolls did not do the movie justice. At all. Many students said they were opposed to watching it because of the trailer-the lure that’s supposed to make people want to watch it.

“It looks dumb, honestly, the trailer looks so annoying,” senior, Karla Reyes,

At a first glance, the movie looks too childish and seriously not for 17-year-olds. But, not wanting to judge a book by its cover, we went to see it anyway.

“I really really wanna see it! Let’s go this Saturday!” senior, Julissa Palma, asked.

It was sad really, I mean the entire room was filled with grandmothers taking their grandchildren out to be entertained for an hour or two.images

They probably should’ve added the parts about the burgens falling in love. The movie itself was pretty good. It just doesn’t seem like it. At the moment, the theaters are pretty boring; nothing new in there except Moana and when you see that the only thing was a kid’s movie, it’s pretty discouraging.

“The voice cast is solid, and the various creatures they voice are imaginatively designed. The song sequences are often a lot of fun,” says Todd VanDerWerff from

The movie is really cheery and uplifting, plus there are a lot of cute, funny parts. This movie is really great for children but also nice for teenagers.

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