Formal Is In The Air

Lisette Yanez & Michael Olivares


So formal is coming up and many girls are already getting asked to go. From posters and teddy bears to balloons and Hot Cheetos, the boys are getting creative with their proposals.winterformal_v_rosales-900x600

But why is it the boys’ responsibility to do that? Why is it that a girl needs a guy to go to formal? Many girls reject the idea of going to formal themselves or even with other friends because the idea that you need a date is so widely accepted.

“I’m not going… nobody asked me to go,” says Karolina Reyes, a Tulare Western senior.

images-3For many, this is their last year and are determined to make this year their most memorable. Formal is just one of the different ways to do that here at Western. However, without an actual male date to take them, a lot of girls refuse to go at all. Going to the dance with friends is frowned upon by society.

“It’s weird, like, almost embarrassing for a girl to go without a date or even just to not get asked at all,” Western senior, Bryanna Ojeda, commented.

This is most likely based on the notion that a girl isn’t pretty or attractive enough if she isn’t asked because it means no guy wanted her. This, of course, is ridiculous because women’s value should be measured completely differently.

Society, however, doesn’t agree.

images-2Asking a girl, on the other hand, is no simple feat. Boys need a significant amount of confidence to publicly ask a girl, the risk of rejection always looming. Not knowing the girl’s reaction and still asking is pretty brave especially when there’s a crowd.

There have been many cases where a boy goes all out to ask a girl and she rejects him or simply walks away.

Let’s not forget, though, that girls will face the same struggles when backwards comes along. And so then we’ll have the boys that are now in the girls’ shoes in anticipation to be asked.


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