Mustangs Ring Chasin’

The Mustang football team has had such an amazing season. The program has been headed in the right direction ever since head coach, Ryan Rocha, became head of the program. The Mustangs fell short of the Valley game last year losing to San Joaquin Memorial in the semis. This year the Mustangs defeated Hanford High School 39-16 last Friday in the semi in order to advance to the Valley Championship. The Mustangs take on Bakersfield Christian who are the number 1 seed.

Senior Payton Silva says, “We are so excited for this game. We have been working hard all year for this moment and hope it pays off.”

I am very excited to see what the Mustangs can do this Friday.

Junior Julian Trevino says, ” I feel excited to be able to play in the Valley Championship with my brothers.”

This team has formed an amazing bond this year and it is very apparent on the field. The trust the quarterback has with his offense has helped with many of the wins this season. The Mustangs defense has been tough to beat all year and it is their defense that has helped them get this far.

Senior Lj Early says, “I feel confident about our defense. We will just play our game just like last week against Hanford. We will have fun as a unit. 11:30 Dark Horse defense baby.”

The boys have a lot to prove and show at Friday’s game. Hopefully they can come out of this with a win and show everything they have worked for this season.



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