Movie Review: Almost Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time for giving and cheering and watching timeless Christmas classics. One film to watch in theaters is, the Will Packer produced, Almost Christmas.

The film is about a family celebrating their first Christmas without their loving mother who passed away a year before. The family consists of  four children, all adults, with Cheryl played by Kimberly Elise, Rachel by Gabrielle Union, Christian by Romany Malco, and Evan by Jessie Usher and the patriarch Walter Meyers by Danny Glover who knows it’s a miracle if his children can last a week together.

The story told is one we’ve all seen before. Family forced to spend the holidays together and chaos ensues and secrets are revealed, but they all remember that they love one another and that family has they’re back always.

As the movie continues on, it’s a heart-warming comedy that leaves you laughing and leaves you crying. The casting by far was great especially for Aunt May played by the ever so funny queen of comedy, Mo’Nique.  Plus new comers to the comedy scene, DC Young Fly and Jessie Usher.

The soundtrack was another hit. Perfect to emphasize certain emotions in scenes such as The Four Top classic “Ain’t No Woman” as the opener describing the mother and her role in the family. All in all, it’s music was a great blend of modern and oldies.

The film was a hit and a perfect movie to watch with the family this holiday season. Almost Christmas is in theaters now.


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