Civic Action


In various government classes around campus, our seniors have been given the task to attend a meeting or speak with someone who makes an impact on our society. The topics range from McDonalds charities to how waste management works. There have been some very touching topics such as the ‘Lisa Project,’ which explains the horrors of child abuse, and the non-profit organization ‘To write love on her arms.’

The ‘To write love on her arms’ is a none profit organization that signifies hope for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. Their main purpose is to encourage, inform, inspire, and invest directly into treatment and recovery. They wish to spread the word and help those who need to be rescued from themselves.

Kelsey Tademy  chose to do her presentation on ‘To write love on her arms’ because, “I feel like people, high school students especially, think that their problems aren’t important enough for people or adults to listen to, so they keep it to themselves or a group of friends. I wanted to introduce this organization to my class so they can spread it around and let people know it’s okay to have these problems and there are people who can help.”

Another notable civic action was the ‘Lisa project.’ The institution sets up a multi-sensory exhibit which allows the visitor to hear, see and experience the reality of child abuse. When you are led into the exhibit you are given headphones to listen and hear the child perspective of what is happening. Each room gives a different scenario depicting the real cruelty some are faced with. The ‘Lisa project’ wishes to educate and protect the rights of children.

Teaching the signs of child abuse and allows the kids to know their rights and teaches them how to get help. Kimberly Delgado and her partner who chooses to remain anonymous explained why they chose to bring the ‘Lisa project’ to their classmates.

Kimberly felt that,”Even though I didn’t get to go through the exhibit, the videos really got to me. I like that they bring awareness and tell the stories which lets their voices be heard.”

Her anonymous partner chose the ‘Lisa project’ because she feels, “It’s something that I care about. If there’s anything I want to do, it would be to help children who are being abused or suffering. It’s something I just really care about.”

These civic actions are very touching and definitely deserve a bit of spotlight. Be sure to talk to your friends and family, and explain to them the importance of seeking help whether it be abuse from another or even from themselves. For more information on ‘To write love on her arms ‘ or the ‘Lisa project’ please click the links below.

Lisa Project

To write love on her arms


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