TV Review: Speechless

Every fall, network television introduces us with shows that  the audience either fall in love with or get such low ratings that we don’t see them past December. Among all the shows grappling for viewers, one to keep an eye out for is ABC’s Speechless.

Speechless is a new sitcom that airs on Wednesdays at 8:30 pm. It’s about the Dimeo family with a son who is disabled but manages to work around his limitations. Then they add in an overly-protective mother and a teen desperately wanting a voice; literately and figuratively. A perfect recipe for hi-jinks to ensue.

J.J. is a  teen who has a physical limitation and doesn’t let that limit him in other ways. His humor is sharp and his bonding of his new voice (Kenneth played by Cedric Yabrough) makes his mother realize she can’t baby him forever, but to let him grow even if he has obstacles in the way.

The show perfectly  represents a group of individuals which television lacks to portray or is given the stereotypical role and reminds the audience that there is more to the person than just the disability.

The cast is mixed of seasoned sitcom veterans as well as newcomers into industry.  Actors such ad Cedric Yarbrough from works such as Comedy Central’s Reno 911 and newbies like Mason Cook.

It’s hard for network channels now-a-days to compete with the variety of platforms we have today. With cable shows, original series on streaming services, new shows especially family sitcoms must have what it takes to run with the top dogs like Modern Family. However, Speechless definitely has what it takes to be regular for years to come.

If your looking for shows to binge-watch this Thankgsgiving break, then tune in on Speechless and enjoy the Dimeo family on Wednesday nights on ABC.


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