Supa Stangs- TW Senior Class

By: Sarah Wilbur

Our Tulare Western Senior Class club has created a twitter account to keep all of the Mustangs informed of projects, events, and activities that they are working toward! They post updates, reminders, flyers, and information on all school activities! This account is ran by senior class advisors!

Tweets that have been sent out recently include update on the Winter Formal dance which is ran by TW Senior Class. These tweets go along the lines of, “Formal is in a barn this year! December 10th! Retweet to save a life!” with an attached image of the flyer!

Other updates have been based off of the senior trip at the end of the school year! This trip is a ton of fun and hosted at the Disneyland Park. However, there are several payments and meetings to make it happen! Reminders and information is easily sent out through this twitter account that reaches out to all students.

Results of the account have tremendous. With several shoutouts and other positive feedback, the account is set for success! Even the seniors agree!

“I love how easy it is to access the account and get information out there. It makes my job a lot easier and enjoyable!” -Megan Muller, senior class president.

“The account is very informative and I think it reaches out to a wide majority of the senior class.” -Sarah Wilbur, ASB president.

“I love it! When my friends ask me questions about formal I’m able to refer them to this account.” -Shelly Martinez, ASB vice president and Senior Class club member.

If you don’t already follow @supastangs on Twitter, make it happen and giddy up!


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