Meet CoverGirl’s First-Ever CoverBoy

Seventeen year old, social media celebrity, James Charles is the first ever male to be on the  cover of CoverGirl Magazine. It all started with his senior photo going viral and his amazing makeup videos that he posted on his social media, giving him the opportunity to make history.

The aspiring makeup artist made an Instagram a year ago, posting makeup tutorials and photos of his makeup. This led him to inspiring others that anyone and everyone can wear makeup.

He announced on his Instagram about the news of him having the biggest opportunity of making the cover of CoverGirl Magazine. With the help and support of his fans and family, he was also on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

As James Charles joins Ellen Degeneres, they discuss his modeling career, family, and achieving his dream .

“It just took a lot of explaining and kind of understanding because men in makeup obviously is a very new concept.” Charles continues”It  has not been widely accepted in the past so it was definitely just a learning process.”

Charles’s parents have been supportive and also encouraging on his dream of becoming a makeup artist. Not only that, his fans, friends, and his whole family have been helping him make that happen. Here is the commercial that aired Monday.

By Livia Webster & Ashleigh Pearson

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