Calm after the Storm: Election Day

By: Kennedy Oliver and Samantha Marquez

November 8, 2016 was not an ordinary election day. As the ballots were cast, many were anxiously awaiting the results over who our next president would be. As the hours passed, it was clear that our new president would be the republican candidate, Donald Trump.

The campaign trail has been harsh, nasty, and simply childish in regards to both the democratic and republican nominees. The tension and animosity  that loomed over the campaign has carried over to the aftermath of election day. Half of the country is ecstatic over the result while the other is upset over the outcome.

This morning we are faced with the reality that our country is more divided than ever before. Arguments are brewing and escalating from every corner.  A firestorm is created and in a critical time where as a nation we should come together, we are instead spewing hate at one another. It’s a sad sight to see, especially that it’s affecting the halls of high school students, even children who should be having carefree moments on the playground.

The election is done and over with. Yes, some can take the moment to express sorrow over the outcome while others rejoice, but now it’s time to be a strong example for other countries and for our citizens. We are heading in a direction only time can tell. As a nation we can’t lose compassion for one another. We’ve let petty differences and different political views blind us from what is truly important.

The fact of the matter is that there is fear. Throughout his campaign, Trump has made comments that have offended different groups of individuals and those individuals that voted democrat are worried on how their lives will be affected now that he’s the next president.

This is not what America should stand for. Americans shouldn’t be fearful of their leader. It’s time for many to take a deep breath and breathe. This will not damage us because America has been through rough spots and has come through and so will we.

We must cooperate with one another and bring forth compassion and love to one another, despite differences. If we want to make America great again, the first step is to come together and end the foolishness that’s happening all over and being spread by social media.

Hate, from either side, spread through social media is not tolerable under any circumstance. It is completely against the values we treasure here in America.

America was built upon the philosophy of tolerance. Whether it be your religious beliefs or who you supported this election. To be able to vote for Donald Trump and go to work the next day without fear of being persecuted for why you thought he was the best candidate is what we preach. Tolerance is the idea of being respectful, understanding, and resilient when one is bombarded with opposing beliefs and unfamiliar territory.

Disrespecting people, based on their beliefs, is not American. It is our duty as citizens to be resilient and adaptable. We will overcome this civil war because we are strong. We just need to remember that within our hands, we control our future. Within your hands dear reader, you have the ability to truly make America great. The change starts with you.

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