Mustang Spirit

On Thursday, November 3 the Mustangs faced some defeat when the Tulare Union Tribe regained possession of the bell. Going in, everyone figured that the Mustangs had the game won before even stepping on the field. This made the loss of the game that much more disappointing.

However the Mustangs kept it very classy even during and after the game. Despite all the mean things said about the school, the students represented Tulare Western very well.

After the game when the Tribe students and parents cleared out the stadium, leaving a lot of trash behind, it was Western’s ASB who went to the opposing team’s side and helped clean it up. It could have been so easy for them to just leave it there especially after a loss but that’s what makes the students at Western unlike any other.

Talking to ASB president Sarah Wilbur, she said, “We’ve been cleaning the stadium after football games for 7 years now and it’s nothing new! It’s just that we’ve been getting recognized for our act recently which is a great feeling to be apart of. Cleaning the other side of the stadium just felt like the right thing to do so we did it out of the goodness in our hearts. However, it blew up over the media and is now the talk of the town.”

Despite the disrespect that was said on social media, the Mustangs could not have been any more proud of how the boys played out on the field. The outcome may have not been in our favor but that is part of any sports. The Tribe played a great game and deserved the win that night.

For the seniors on the team that night, it was a hard one to take in. However the Mustangs received the number 2 seed in division 3 playoffs and will be playing the winner of Delano and Tehachapi  next week.

The boys are ready to go out this week and bounce back for playoffs. The Mustangs are more then capable of taking this all the way and have a whole family who will stick behind them no matter what.

A lot of the Mustangs helpful attitude comes from ASB advisor Mr.Aye who teaches his leaders that it starts with them but it’s not about them. This is embedded into them from early on in the process when most of them join the class as sophomores. The attitude displayed at Thursday nights game isn’t new but something that is just expected from Western’s leaders.

The game may have not ended in our favor, but the night overall was still great and filled with many memories.



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