Jack You Up Juniors With the Win

By: Sarah Wilbur

Tulare Western High School has hosted their first ever Powder Puff last Friday night (November 4th, 2016) here at the Tulare Western varsity field and according to all that attended, it was a night that will never be forgotten!

This was a special night for everyone involved! For the players, coaches, refs, circus club (halftime performance), football players, and the fans in the stands! This night was the first of many Powder Puffs to come in the future. Teams were created by the first 20 girls to sign up from each grade level. Within 2 lunch periods, all 80 spots were 100% filled and teams were ready to roll. Coach requirements were guys who weren’t involved with TW football and had enough time to host 2 practices.

The first match up was Spicy Seniors vs the Fresh Freshies. To the surprise of many, the freshman team whooped the seniors.

“With Ana Porchia as quarterback, I knew our team was going to take the W.” -Elijah Parks, freshman coach.

“I had so much fun! Beating the seniors made it even more fun!” -Chastine Gist, player for Fresh Freshies.

The second match up was Saucy Sophomores vs The Jack You Up Juniors. As the crowd expected, juniors won.

“I knew we were going to take an L but I had so much fun doing it!” -Abby Philips, player for Saucy Sophomores.

“Honestly, we have a very athletic team but the score came closer than
I was expecting. I played my best in both games. Go Mustangs!!” -Tatyanna Allen, player on The Jack You Up Juniors.

As the Fresh Fresh Freshies and The Jack You Up Juniors advanced to the final game, the crowd became even more anxious to see who would be the winner of TW Powder Puff 2016 and who’s name would be placed on the perpetual PINK trophy. Many students and parents came out to support, the final headcount was 400 people which is something to be very proud of.

As the night came to a close, The Jack You Up Juniors took the championship win! Can’t wait for next year to see who’s name will be placed on the trophy next! Mark your calendars now to support your class in next year’s event!

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