Bell game 2016

by Jenna Loftis and Grace Wilbur.

The annual Bell Game is here! Tomorrow is the big day! As we get closer and closer, both schools are getting even more excited for the game. Football teams will be clashing against each other for bragging rights, and also student section vs student section!

Over 500 tickets have been sold out for Tulare Western’s student section in just 3 days! Students that don’t have their student section ticket now have to go get a general section ticket. No more student section tickets will be sold. Tulare Western’s ASB has been putting in a lot of effort for our student section to look good and be the best.

“I’m really excited for my second Bell Game. I know it’ll be a good game, and I cant wait for Western to keep the bell!”-Idaly Martin.

“This is my first bell game and I can’t wait to go out and watch our football team have a good game and hopefully get a win!”-Grace Castro.

This is the number one football game you won’t want to miss out on!



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