Aleppo Bombings

By Jordan Brunson

Russia, in league with the Assad regime, has been constantly bombing Aleppo in their disastrous civil war causing many deaths and injuries. There have been more than 14 bombings and counting in Syria, and there have been over 300,000 dead throughout the 5 year civil war with thousands injured. Vladimir Putin is not going to stop until Aleppo is gone, why? The Russians are bombing Aleppo to help the Assad regime take control of the rebel parts of the city, but Vladimir Putin has let this escalate too far by killing innocent civilians and children, thousands proclaiming that war crimes have been committed.

The Russians have stationed themselves near the Syrian coastline and have strategically placed warships and one aircraft carrier nearby. They are attempting to send a naval task force to intimidate their opposition and those allied with the rebels, but this could possibly be an empty threat. Syrian rebels have also bombed several schools and targeted the Aleppo air base.The Russian coalition also announced last week that a “humanitarian pause” would be in place to allow all civilians evacuate the area.

This war is still ongoing and with no intentions on stopping anytime soon until the opposition has surrendered or are completely wiped out. The Russians are taking advantage over the fact that the elections are still ongoing in the U.S. and not much can be done when the sitting president is almost out of office. Vladimir Putin has bragged and said himself “the new president will just have to see how they like their new position.”



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