Tips On How to Keep Good Grades In School

In school, I always hear about how stressed out everyone is because of their grades and upcoming tests or how everyone is just too busy to be able to keep up with all of the assignments.

Every student has to deal with 6 classes, each most likely having homework. Some might have a job or play sports. There are also school events/club activities that students attend as well. There are many things in a student’s life that are just as important to focus on, like simply taking care of one’s self. We all have to find time and ways to manage with all of the work.

Here are some tips I have found helpful on how to manage with school work and keep good grades.

  1. Always attend your classes! Seriously trust me on this one. Don’t skip school just because you want to avoid the class or for no real reason. Missing class makes it so easy for you to fall behind and for your grades to drop.
  2. Manage your time wisely. I know this can be hard because sometimes it feels like there just isn’t enough time after school or just in the day. The main thing is don’t procrastinate! Which can be a very hard thing to avoid, just try your best to stay focused.
  3. Always get help from your teachers. This will always be beneficial in trying to keep up with your grades. If you don’t understand something, try to get help by your classmates or your teachers. It will only make life a little easier.
  4. STUDY! It gets very stressful before any tests, especially when the grading period is close to an end. It doesn’t have to be hours of studying time, just spending at least 15-30 minutes going over your notes could really help.

There are obviously way more helpful tips on how to keep good grades, but these are the 4 main things.

by Ashleigh Pearson

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