Mustang Volleyball Get’s The Ball Back

On Wednesday, October 26th the Mustang’s volleyball team went toe to toe with the Tulare Union Tribe. The game was very intense and was a back and forth battle, with the Mustangs coming out victorious.

The Mustangs had a lot riding on this game being that the ball had not been won by Western since 2010. It was also the Mustang’s senior night which meant the seniors had a lot riding on this game. If the Mustangs didn’t come out with the win the team could kiss playoffs goodbye. However the team came out with a fight and intensity that hasn’t been visible in previous games. They truly left everything on the court.

I asked senior Sarah Wilbur what was going through her head during the game. She said, “I  was thinking about how disrespectful they have been to our school for years. I have never wanted to beat anyone so bad and I think that showed on the court.”

Senior Shania Burrell said, “I was so nervous at first and then I realized that my team needed me to do my part in order to get this win not only for our program but for our school as well.”

The energy in the gym was just amazing. Tulare Western’s student section came out and represented our school very well.

Shania also said, “I think that having our school support us made it a lot easier to come out with high intensity and energy, it made the win feel that much better.”

The Mustangs are now scheduled to play against number 3 seed, Exeter, on Tuesday, November 1st.

Junior Victoria Martin says, “If we play with energy like how we did against Union, we will do really good.”

Will this be the seniors last game or will they rise to victory?

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