Women Against Trump

By : Alex Chavez



 In dawn of the controversial video and audio tapes being leaked revealing lewd language by presidential hopeful Donald Trump, many women have come forward reporting sexual assault acts allegedly committed by the nominee. Various women have claimed that in different instances and occasions Donald Trump made sexual advances that were not warranted nor wanted. Donald has told the media outlets that he wants to provide a platform to give  voice to the women that were sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton, but when asked about the women that made claims against him he dismissed them all as liars that are desperate for fame and spotlight.

I proceeded to interview various women with different backgrounds on our campus and ask their opinion on the matter and how they felt about the topic. Many of them found it absolutely astonishing how a man seeking the highest office has the audacity to say such vulgar things about women yet still says he wants to represent them as their president.

Mikaela Salcedo, Tulare Western junior, said, “His comments are kind of offensive to basically every woman out there. I feel we shouldn’t have a president that’s going to make comments like that. I feel like future sexual assault victims would be scared to report their incidents in light of this. ”

Many people feel that Trump’s dismissive behavior of the sexual assault claims against him will impact future victims that want to come out and report their traumatic experience. Trump surrogates have bashed the media on their constant report of this news. Newt Gingrich even told Megyn Kelly, a conservative reporter, “You are fascinated with sex and don’t care about public policy. ” After her show reported on the alleged sexual assault claims against Trump. Megyn struck back saying, “Mr. Speaker I’m not fascinated by sex, but I am fascinated by the protection of women, and understanding what we’re getting in the Oval Office.”

Lizbeth Deorta, Tulare Western junior, said, “I feel it’s…that a man who has little respect for women is  running for president, and his comments show my point. I felt uncomfortable when he said those things and feel he shouldn’t be president. His video angered me and just shows his disrespect. I feel that the women that came out against Donald are strong women and people should take note of that to see what type of person he really is. ”  

Karinna Moya, Tulare Western junior, said, “His recent comments were outrageous, why would we want him as president in light of those comments and video. No one should want him to represent us if he acts so rude.”

Angelica Wheeler, Tulare Western junior, said, “The statements he said was a little too much, but I’m not all the way bothered by it. I feel like he has no need to label women. I feel like he should get in trouble after the women came out and reported the assault because it’s incredibly disgusting. It’s something if it’s just one person, but if you’re going to have like twelve girls come up and report him why would they lie about being sexually harassed. For future women that want to report sexual assault they’re going to be angered and scared if nothing gets done, because how will women trust authorities. Even if he is running for president that doesn’t give him a right to get away with it. ”

In conclusion, many women feel personally affected by the outrageous comments Trump said and they overall feel that Trump has absolutely no respect towards women whatsoever. They feel disregarded by his campaign and feel his run for presidency is a complete farce. Some are in awe on how the American People have let this loose cannon reach this height and feel ashamed that the world will look at him as a representation of us.  

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