Pet Peeves

By Amanda Ross

There’s always one thing that drives you crazy, no matter who’s doing it. Whether it be someone chewing with their mouth open, clicking their pen repeatedly, or even someone shaking their leg too much.

We all have pet peeves-small things that make us have an uncontrollable anger. Interestingly enough we have some odd ones around our campus.

Jersie Pena a freshman tells us,”My pet peeve is when people decide they want to walk slow in the hallways.”

I think quite a few people can agree that it’s obnoxious when we’re in a rush to class and we can’t get around the group who doesn’t really care about being on time. Sadly Jersie this is going to happen for at least three more years.

“I absolutely can’t stand when people eat my food,” says Anthony Brewer, a sophomore.

There is nothing worse than eating and someone suddenly sticking their hand in your plate to take your food. It is absolutely not okay to touch my food under any circumstances. Eat your own or go get more. Heck even just ask and I might share.

My final person I chose to interview had a pet peeve so relatable that I don’t think anyone would disagree.

“I hate when I reach under my desk and stick my hand in someones chewed gum. It’s gross, and there’s a trashcan no more than two feet from me,” Steven Watson, a senior, tells us.

Right he is, IT’s disgusting guys. Don’t be lazy. Stand up and put it in the trashcan. There’s plenty trashcans in and around the school.

Do you have a pet peeve? Comment what it is bellow!


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