Are These Legs Shiny Or Have White Paint On Them? by Livia Webster

Here we go again with another head-scratcher. Much like when social media users couldn’t decide if ‘The Dress’ was either black/blue or white/gold, the internet is back again with another perception test, showing a picture of legs. Does the photo show a pair of oily legs or legs painted with white paint?

“I see legs, haha I’m not sure if their artificial legs haha,  but I for sure see shiny legs.” – Mr. Asher

If you didn’t know yet, it’s actually white paint. Many people on social media  note that the light isn’t reflected like it would when you have shiny legs. Half of the students on campus said it was white paint.

“Once my eyes focused, I didn’t see the shininess anymore, I see white paint.”- Lesly Acosta

This photo was originally posted in September on Instagram, but didn’t go viral until Wednesday when it was shared again on twitter. Over 4,000 people shared and over 5,000 peopled liked the photo.

This photo is definitely becoming the next hit on social media, let’s just hope it doesn’t start many arguments like ‘the dress’ photo. ‘The Dress’ photo has people still to this day arguing if its black/blue or white/gold.

Did you know the photo of the legs weren’t intentional, it was actually taken for a project for their art class. Guess they never knew one picture for an school project can go viral. Comment what you saw at first? Shiny legs, or white paint?


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