14 Nights of Halloween: How to (Kind of) Horrifically Holiday Recipes, Marshmallow Popcorn Balls

(Sorry for not posting this yesterday. I was busy cooking. To make up for it, I’ll post two on Saturday.)

In all honesty, I don’t know how balls of popcorn and marshmallow are considered Halloween-ish, but when I looked up seasonal recipes, this came up and it sounded good, so I did it. Simple as that.

Sweet and salty, this recipe has been popular in my house since I made it this weekend. If you or someone you’d cook for likes Rice Crispy Treats, you’ll enjoy this as well.

Things you’ll need:

  1. 8 oz of mini marshmallows
  2. 1/4 cups of unsalted butter
  3. 8 cups of plain popped popcorn
  4. 1/2 cup of pretzels
  5. 1/2 cup of mixed nuts
  6. Heat resisted (or heat-proof) gloves

You’ll need to melt the marshmallows and butter together, but before you start that, place your popcorn in a large bowl with your pretzels and mixed nuts.

I also broke up the nuts, that way everything would be easier to compact and spread later when you’re mixing the marshmallow in and making them into spheres. 

You don’t actually have to use either pretzels or mixed nuts. The original recipe on the Cooking Channel’s website encourages that can replace the two ingredients with seasonal candies or whatever you’d like to include. I only used the pretzels because I wanted that sweet and salty taste without hinder.

And it’d also be better if you found popcorn that didn’t come with kernels, such as pre-made, plain popcorn. I used plain microwavable popcorn, which unfortunately always leaves some kernels behind, and thankfully I warned my family of that fact, because otherwise we might have ended up having some broken teeth.

Sorry, Dad!

So once you’ve got your popcorn and extras ready and mixed together in a large bowl, “melt butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Once melted [,] stir in marshmallows and stir until just melted.”


MEDIUM HEAT! This is not a campfire – you don’t want to burn the marshmallows. STIR! You don’t want to give it a chance to stick to the pan.

As soon as the marshmallows are efficiently melted, pour them over the popcorn and extra ingredients in the bowl. Fold and stir the contents over to mix and get everything sticky.

With your heat resistant/proof gloves, grab a handful of the popcorn mixture and then mold into a ball. Repeat until desired amount of balls have been made, or until contents run out – in which case, you have to stop. You don’t have a choice.

The recipe advises that you wait about 15 minutes before serving, but I found that they cooled very quickly actually, and could be served right off the bat. If you have extras or plan to hand them out, wrap them with plastic wrap or put into a large container, and you should be good.

I wrapped them up, that way I could throw them at people. Hehe.


(I’m so happy! I get to put my disclaimer down! Of shorts…)

If you’re able to find a plain, no-kernel popcorn, pre-made or microwaveable, please let me know in the comment section below! And if you end up trying this recipe – which I encourage you to do – with different extras, like candy and such, tell me about it and how you liked it, please!

While this may not be a frightening appetizer, I hope this throws you into the festive season. Pop in tomorrow for another “14 Nights of Halloween”, Apple Crisps.

– Chloe Cushing, Senior

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