On The Line

By: Sarah Wilbur

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 marks the date of what could possibly be our Lady Mustangs last volleyball game of the season. Putting time, effort, and energy since the beginning of June will be put to the test this week due to the immense titles that are on the line.

On the line for Wednesday is: EYL champs, the opportunity to continue in playoffs, the Rivalry Ball, and beating TU at our HOME gym! Since it will also be the last home league game, it’s the senior night for our Lady ‘Stangs. This year’s volleyball program has 7 seniors. These seniors are: Shania Burrel, Kasey McDaniel, Sarah Wilbur, Kennedy Oliver, Maddison Carrasco, Annabelle Martinho, and Megan Muller. To get an inside from the players’ perspective, we have interviewed the players themselves!

“I have never been more excited for any other game throughout the season! I know we are well prepared for tomorrow’s game and will be on it!!” -Megan Muller, defensive specialist.

“As a senior, I understand this may be my last chance to compete in High School volleyball! I promise to leave it all on the court and play my best.” -Annabelle Martinho, all around.

“I’m expecting all of our hard work and dedication to this year’s season to pay off on the court Wednesday.” -Kasey McDaniel.

Make sure to come out and support our volleyball program as they compete in nearly the most important game of the season, as well as their senior night ceremonies!

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