Halloween Movies

By Xavior Reyna

It’s that time of the year when goblins and ghouls come out to feast on your fears and little ones attack for candy and sweets. It’s Halloween, the scariest time of the year. And what is the best thing to do on Halloween? That’s to watch scary movies until you can’t sleep without a light.

Scary movies-the fear of your nightmares in a picture. From monsters to serial killers, even killer dolls, there are all types of scary movies. We’ll be rating the best of the best, the scariest of the scariest.  The only movies that will be left out are “The Darkness”, “Lights out”, and “Blair Witch”. The only reason why  these movies are left out because you can’t really get the Halloween experience from them.

The top Five Scary movies that will make you cry at night.

#5- “1000 Corpses” -The craziest of the craziest of torture. This movie has made it to the top five for the mastermind of twist and horror.

#4-“Killer Klown From Outer Space”-The fears of clowns will haunt you. In 1988 the klowns landed on the earth. The movie was chosen because of  the big fears of clowns.

#3-“Texas Chainsaw Massacre”-One of the top iconic horror films. A  group is attacked one by one by the chainsaw-wielding Leatherface. A killer and a psycho that wears is victim skin. Also of the top costume for halloween because of his fame.

#2-“Friday the 13th”, film franchise started in 1980. The film started with Jason voorhees mother going after the councilors of Camp Crystal Lake. After being defeated her son that was assume dead return and to finish what his mother started.

#1-“Haloween film series”, the king of Halloween. Micheal Myers a man that can’t be stop and will never stop doing what he does. He is man that snapped at his young years that will never stop going after his family that is left alive. He is the King of Halloween night.

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